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The Most Famous Pathologists

Famous Pathologists and their Contribution to Its Field

Pathologists have been considered not only as physicians but also medical examiners as they both diagnose and detect the cause of death. Over years, there have been a great number of famous pathologists in which helped contribute to the field and also create innovative approach. Famous pathologists are crucial evidence in how they are essential in every community. Make sure that you recognize the most prominent people in the field of pathology and how they are able to offer genuine value and credibility.

List of Famous Forensic Pathologists

Here is a short list of famous forensic pathologists in alphabetical order and sorted accordingly. You can also get bits of information like nationality and date of birth and death. The people on this list are from various countries but what makes them similar is that they are all renowned famous pathologists.

  1. Arthur Max Barrett

Born: 1909

Birthplace: Thaxted, United Kingdom

Date Of Death: 1961

  1. Bernard Spilsbury

Born: 1877

Birthplace: Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Institution: Magdalen College, Oxford

Date Of Death: 1947

Cause Of Death: Suicide

Place Of Death: London, United Kingdom

  1. Camillo Golgi

Born: 1843

Birthplace: Corteno Golgi, Italy

Institution: University of Pavia

Date Of Death: 1926

Place Of Death: Pavia, Italy

  1. Edwin Klebs

Born: 1834

Birthplace: Königsberg, Germany

Institution: Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Königsberg, University of Würzburg

Date Of Death: 1913

Place Of Death: Bern, Switzerland

  1. Elizabeth Stern

Born: 1915

Birthplace: Cobalt, Canada

Institution: University of Toronto

Date Of Death: 1980

Place Of Death: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

  1. Franz Nissl

Born: 1860

Birthplace: Frankenthal, Germany

Institution: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Date Of Death: 1919

Place Of Death: Munich, Germany

Information and Bio of the Most Famous Pathologist

We have the most extensive list with the most famous pathologist in which allows you to see the key figure in the field of pathology and their contribution.

If you want to find out more about other famous forensic pathologists, make sure that you avail our list and other information of notable and prominent pathologists of all time.

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